Exclusive Interview With A Multitalented Comedian, Funbicomedious

Olarinde Samuel Oluwafunbi, Stage name Funbi(comedious) is a Nigerian Comedian from Kwara state.. Funbi is a Crazy Gospel Comedian with a unique sense of humor...

This young multitalented comedian is someone that gets you laughing with his appearance even before talking...

In a recent interview with Funbicomedious, he revealed his educational status, comedy as a profession, relationship life and more.. read excerpt below:

B.A: Who is funbicomedious?

Funbicomedious is a Crazy gospel comedian with a great sense of humor... This young man is someone that gets you laughing with his appearance even before talking...

B.A: Are you still in school?

Yes! Am presently a student of Microbiology in Federal University Of Agriculture Abeokuta.

B.A: So how do u cope schooling at the same time adding entertainment

Since its something natural its not hard.. Tho its gets complicated sometimes due to the fact that it is professional but we still push it by God's grace.

B.A: You are yet to hit the limelight with your style of comedy, does this put you under some sort of pressure from your clients, mates or fans?

(Laughs).. The moment I get under pressure, I begin to get things wrong... I actually don't see any pressure because God's time is the best! Very soon... People will congratulate me.

I am not under pressure because I'll get there soon. I just see everything as an encouragement

B.A: What are you working on right now?

A whole lot! Working on myself to improve.. Then I have a yearly Gospel event(XPRESSION) I organise with my crew(premique). XPRESSION comes up every last friday of June. And am trying to put things in place for this years own.

Still got some other things cooking underneath.

B.A: Three years from now, where do you see yourself?

I see myself where I wanna be! By God's Grace at the top!

B.A: As an upcoming act, what’s your perception about the Nigerian comedy?

Its natural because this country tho might be hard but funny things still happen and that's where and how we get our Jokes.

The Kwara state born also revealed that he is in a relationship with a beautiful lady (name undisclosed)

B.A: What is your relationship status?

Laughs.... I am in a relationship

B.A: What would constitute success for you as a comedian?

Only God! Hardwork will follow...

Funbicomedious is someone you'll always need to lighten up your events..

Call: +2347069304645, +2348173569909. Instagram: @funbicomedious
Twitter: @iamcomedious
Facebook: Comedian Funbi-comedious. BBM: 2BC4C38B


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